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Hi Pat,

Apologies for how long it’s taken me to get back to you….. I wanted to have a really good look at the Dvd…. It’s fantastic as it was last time and you put a lot of care into the set up to make the Children look their best.

Many thanks Pat for a super job!

Alison - Wirral School of Dance

DVD was excellent, thanks so much!

Ann Atherton - Principal Topaz Dancentre

Hi Pat,

I have just finished watching the DVD and all I can say is thank you!!! You made that show look epic! I have been blown away by it , and I really can't wait for the parents to get their copies.

Well to create something wonderful takes time, and it is wonderful so thank you so much once again xxx

Lorna Procter - Procter Dance Academy

Hi Pat,

It has been very well received, think the grandeur of the venue and the fantastic performance won everyone over. !!!

Thanks you done a lovely job as always.

kindest regards

Carmen - Carmen Maria Academy of Dance

Hi Pat,

Show was fabulous thanks so much kids loved it.

Thanks again!

Lynsey - Elite School of Dance

Hi Pat,

Thank you for the DVD it's fantastic.


Emma - Danza School of Dance

Hi Pat,

Thank you so much for the DVD’s - you are amazing!!

Thank you!

Vikky - Complete Works Performance Academy

Hi pat,

I have received the DVD and I absolutely love it!!!!!! Thank you so much you have done a fab job. Love the drop down screen!

Thanks again

Rachel x

Rachel Ann Walker School of Dance

Hi Pat,

The DVD looked awesome!! So pleased with it! Thank you again for doing a fabulous job.

Kind regards,

Charlotte - Croft's Young Performers