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There's plenty of "video guys" around, so why choose us?

We started in 2005. Over the last 13 years we've filmed hundreds of shows in many theatres covering everything from Ballet to Street, Singing to Drama.

Our team understands the needs of filming in a performance environment like no-one else. We take every detail into account, from the size of the venue, to the lighting, staging and sound. Our experience has given us the necessary instinctive filming skills to capture your performance perfectly.

And you don't have to worry about child protection legislation either. We take that as seriously as you.

All of our staff have full DBS clearance.


We offer filming packages for all budgets - from a single camera up to eight cameras without costing the earth. Orders can be placed in standard DVD format, HD blu ray disc, Phone and Tablet formats and even 4K Ultra HD.

After filming your performance, we edit the captured images to show close-ups and wide shots, without losing your choreography. Where possible we take a feed from the theatre sound desk. Afterwards the sound is mixed to balance taps, vocals and auditorium sound.

Finally, your show is delivered on a high quality printed DVD or Blu-Ray Disc with superb sound and easy to use chapter menu selection. For the finishing touch all DVD cases feature fully designed custom artwork.

So if you're looking for more than "just a video" when it's showtime, you know who to call.